A lifelong love of learning is the ultimate goal.

Emphasis is placed on integrated interdisciplanary learning between subjects.

Incorporates Latin and Greek subjects since >50% of English words are derived from Latin. >20% are derived from Greek.

Classically educated students score much higher on SAT, PSAT and ACT tests.

The Founding Fathers received a classical education as did Albert Einstein, Emily Dickinson and many others. more...


2014-2015 School Calendar
Video: The Regina Difference

Open House Schedule:Come observe the difference of a Catholic, Classical Education as Regina Coeli Academy teachers demonstrate the Classical Education curriculum in a live teaching environment with students.
Saturday, March 28, 2015, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (along with the annual RCA Easter Egg Hunt)
Call to R.S.V.P or to Schedule a Private Tour: (215) 277-1386. more...

Drama Production: Encore! Regina Coeli Academy Students perform in this year's musical production, Annie jr. under the direction of Drama director, Mrs. Camille DiIenno. more...

Regina Coeli Academy 8th graders win scholarships more... Old is new: Regina Academies grow by teaching the classics in small classes more...

Are you concerned about the Common Core Standards In K-12 education? more..

The Charitable Exchange (TCE) has again initiated a matching fund to support Regina Coeli Academy. Your donation can be sent directly to Regina Coeli from TCE by using this link: more...

Classical Curriculum
Catholic Faith Formation
Small Class Sizes
Outstanding Faculty
Children Challenged to Academic Excellence
Students Score 1-2 years above grade level on national tests
Like Minded Families Sharing Common Values
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