A lifelong love of learning is the ultimate goal.

Emphasis is placed on integrated interdisciplanary learning between subjects.

Incorporates Latin and Greek subjects since >50% of English words are derived from Latin. >20% are derived from Greek.

Classically educated students score much higher on SAT, PSAT and ACT tests.

The Founding Fathers received a classical education as did Albert Einstein, Emily Dickinson and many others. more...


2016-2017 School Calendar
Video: The Regina Difference

Come See... Come observe the difference of a Catholic, Classical Education as Regina Coeli Academy teachers demonstrate the Classical Education curriculum in a live teaching environment with students.
Call to Schedule a Private Tour: (215) 277-1386
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Classical Education Continues to Be the Trend Across US. read...

Learn About Regina Coeli Academy's Pre-Kindergarten-Kindergarten Montessori Program. more...

Are you concerned about the Common Core Standards In K-12 education? more..

Regina Coeli Academy and Regina Academies - Part of the National Return to Classical Education

Classical Curriculum
Catholic Faith Formation
Small Class Sizes
Outstanding Faculty
Children Challenged to Academic Excellence
Students Score 1-2 years above grade level on national tests
Like Minded Families Sharing Common Values
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